Why was I directed here from my application?

I’m sorry. It seems that one or more of your answers may suggest that Radically Open DBT treatment may not the best fit for you. This may be because your answers reflect symptoms or challenges that are not addressed in RO DBT therapy or something else is impacting your full participation at this time.

If you believe you have reached this page in error or have other questions, please email info@radicallyopentampa.com

What if I need traditional DBT?

An under-controlled temperament type is best treated with traditional Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), founder Dr. Marsha Linehan.  An under-controlled temperament type can be linked to erratic moods, chaotic and impulsive behavior, perpetual crisis, and personality disorders including borderline, histrionic and narcissistic.  If you are seeking this type of therapy, you may reference this list of Florida DBT Professionals  or visit Psychology Today

What if I need a higher level of care?

Much like medical illnesses require different levels of care and intervention, so do mental illnesses. Sometimes more intensive services are recommended depending on the severity of symptoms.  The attached table is offered for your reference as to how these decisions are made: Level of Care Guidelines