Often critical of yourself or others? Trouble expressing vulnerable emotions? Irritated with unexpected change? 

If this describes you, you are in the right place! These traits are all related to a coping style of over-control.  Maladaptive over-controlled coping is associated with problematic perfectionism, chronic loneliness, depression and anxiety, disordered eating, obsessive, compulsive and avoidant personality features. The good news is, with Radically Open DBT (RO DBT) you can retrain your brain and body to be more flexible, open and enhance connections in your life.

Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RO DBT)  is for people who WANT:

  • To break self-destructive patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors keeping them stuck.
  • To identify their personal values and begin making aligned decisions.
  • To learn to relax, let their guard down, and have a little fun.
  • To find a tribe or squad of like-minded people where they feel like they belong.
  • To actively improve the quality of their life and relationships.

And are WILLING to:

  • Practice humility and let go of perfectionism.
  • Explore personal blind spots and receive feedback with the support of their therapist.
  • Try out what may be uncomfortable or avoided in the past in order to learn and grow.
  • Have an honest look at the health of their relationships and their role in it.
  • Seek self-understanding and create change when necessary.
  • Participate in a structured 30-week program with meetings twice a week.

RO DBT  may NOT be for you, if you ARE:

I want to learn more!

Here is what our clients have to say:

“I chose RO DBT to continue to learn how to acknowledge the emotions I’ve been covering up for so long, learn how to adapt to situations that are out of my control (and try not to control every situation), connect more with others instead of isolating and start to find joy in life again (even when things aren’t perfect). I desire to find meaning and purpose in my life. Even before the difficulties of the past year I’ve lived an unfulfilling life. I’ve learned I can’t just force myself to be happy or content and my over-controlled tendencies have kept me from experiencing so much.”

“Our sessions really helped me become more comfortable with myself, more flexible and open, and helped me re-prioritize my values and become more aligned with them.  My work life balance has improved so much; I have time for hiking, game nights, meeting with friends and family regularly, kickboxing, etc. The skills we practiced are still immensely helpful and allow me to give myself grace for those feelings and move past them without getting overwhelmed. Thanks for all of your help!”

“We wanted to reach out and thank you for your help and support with T.  Gosh, she has come so far in so many ways!!!  We wouldn’t have been able to get here without each of you.  You helped each of us get past our fears, take charge of situations, and learn to take action/set boundaries no matter how difficult it might be.  You helped us get out of the weeds of our situation and see things with a clearer lens enabling us to handle things better.  Our hope is that we all will use the skills and knowledge we have gained to continue to carve a positive path forward.”