Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RO DBT)  is a NEW, ground-breaking treatment for problems related to over-control.  Not just talk…TOOLS for an open, flexible and connected life.

Too much self-control or not enough?  That is the question.

For many years we have associated mental and behavioral health problems with not having enough self-control.  This is false!  It turns out that having too much self-control also has disastrous effects on our mental health and relationships. Always striving for more? Feeling the need to tell other people what to do or how to think? Not able to relax and have spontaneous fun? These are all problems related to over-control and the highly trained clinicians at Radically Open Tampa can help.


Opposite of traditional DBT, whose goals are to regulate chaotic and erratic emotions and behaviors, the goal of RO DBT is to foster more flexibility and openness for people who can at times be too rigid.  The problem is trying to have too much control over themselves, others, and the world which causes high distress and strained relationships.

Having an over-controlled temperament is associated with problematic perfectionism, chronic loneliness, depression and anxiety, disordered eating, obsessive, compulsive and avoidant personality features.  Individuals who struggle with problematic over-control may have a hard time receiving feedback, difficulty adjusting to unexpected change, and find it hard to relax or maintain close relationships.

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For the safety of all clients and to respect social distancing recommendations of COVID-19, counseling sessions are available both in-person and online.   Your safety, comfort and confidentiality is our top priority!