Often striving  for perfection? Trouble expressing vulnerable emotions? Irritated with unexpected change? Not able to relax and have fun?

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If these problems sound familiar, you may have a coping style of over-control.  Maladaptive over-controlled coping is associated with problematic perfectionism, chronic loneliness, depression and anxiety, disordered eating, obsessive, compulsive and avoidant personality features. The good news is, you can retrain your brain and body to be more flexible, open and enhance connections in your life.

The talented team of clinicians at RO DBT Tampa offer compassionate and evidence-based counseling to help you find joy and connection.  In the words of one client:

“I chose RO DBT to continue to learn how to acknowledge the emotions I’ve been covering up for so long, learn how to adapt to situations that are out of my control (and try not to control every situation), connect more with others instead of isolating and start to find joy in life again (even when things aren’t perfect). I desire to find meaning and purpose in my life. Even before the difficulties of the past year I’ve lived an unfulfilling life. I’ve learned I can’t just force myself to be happy or content and my over-controlled tendencies have kept me from experiencing so much.”

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