As the first and only Certified RO DBT Senior Clinician and Trainer in the state of Florida, I am happy to offer a range of services to the professional community.


Introductory trainings are available for your practice, facility or community to learn more about how Radically Open DBT is transforming the lives of individuals with hard-to-treat disorders of over-control. Trainings are intended for professional audiences and are offered in time allotments of 1hr, 3hr, and 1-Day. If you are considering learning more about how RO-DBT could be helpful to the client’s you serve, I would be happy to consult with you on the benefits of this treatment. Below is a sample description and learning objectives of a one-day workshop.

Sample Learning Objectives for One Day Workshop

Upon completion of this one-day training, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain a new biosocial theory for Over Control
  2. Describe the RO-DBT treatment structure
  3. Describe new RO-DBT treatment strategies designed to enhance willingness for self-inquiry and flexible responding.
  4. Describe the RO-DBT treatment hierarchy
  5. Describe a novel treatment mechanism positing open expression = trust = social connectedness
  6. List examples of strategies designed to improve pro-social cooperative signaling via activation of the parasympathetic nervous system’s social-safety system

RO DBT Consultation

As a member of the RO Senior Clinician team I am available to meet with you to answer questions about the RO DBT protocols, teaching materials and programatic implementation through Radically Open Meet the Expert. This meeting is not meant to discuss patient-related or case-specific issues, those are reserved for RO Supervision. During this one-hour meeting you can expect to deepen your knowledge, receive concrete tips and role-plays to enhance your practice.

Examples of possible topics:

  • Chain & Solution Analysis
  • Alliance Ruptures & Repairs
  • Program Issues
  • Assessing Over-Control
  • Patient Recruitment
If you have questions about these or other professional services, please contact me to arrange a service tailored to your needs.