In times of uncertainty support is key! Online counseling now available!

For the safety of all clients and to respect social distancing recommendations of COVID-19, counseling sessions are available both in-person and online.   Your safety, comfort and confidentiality is our top priority!

Most people seek counseling when their typical way of managing stress is no longer working, when life seems overwhelming or when someone they care about suggests they seek support.

Radically Open Tampa offers modern mental health solutions. We  focus on counseling teens and adults to help them overcome life stressors, depression, anxiety, painful past experiences, and unhealthy coping styles that get in the way of personal wellness, healthy relationships, and success.

Not just talk…TOOLS!

Our treatment style is warm, friendly, and focused on giving you practical tools you need for everyday life.  We use evidence-based interventions to offer the best care possible for clients.

  • Radically Open DBT
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Exposure and Response Prevention
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy (PTSD)


Radically Open DBT Tampa LLC specializes in a new, ground-breaking therapy that treats chronic anxiety and depression caused by maladaptive over-control coping, Radically Open DBT.  RO DBT is founded on over 20 years of research by Dr. Thomas Lynch.  It uses the brain-body connection to induce relaxation states, mindfulness to increase self-awareness and exploration, and behavioral skills to try new things, make valued-based decisions and  meaningful relationships. RO DBT is life changing. It promotes openness, flexibility and connection.  RO DBT has changed the way we practice psychotherapy, and offered many clients a life worth sharing.