Interested in joining the Radically Open Tampa Tribe?

We are better together!  Practicing RO DBT is best when done with a group of clinicians who are dedicated to offering evidence-based interventions to clients and practicing radical openness themselves.  My practice is rapidly growing and I hope to expand my clinician tribe  with seasoned professionals interested in learning and practicing RO DBT.  If you are a RO DBT Intensively trained clinician or are interested in becoming one please contact me for available opportunities.

Radically Open DBT Tampa LLC has upcoming availability for an experienced licensed clinician who is interested in learning and practicing protocol-adherent RO DBT.

Must have interest and experience in the following:
• Behavioral therapy interventions
• Adolescents and adults
• Managing self-harm and suicidal ideation
• Disordered eating
• Depression
• Anxiety

While desire to learn and practice RO DBT is required for this position, not all clients will need this treatment modality. Other areas of specialization and evidence-based treatment modalities are welcome at this practice with proof of specialized training and/or certification.

Benefits of the position:
• Embrace Radically Open DBT principles in personal and professional realms with like-minded professionals
• Participate on a weekly RO DBT consultation team led by a RO DBT Senior Clinician
• Availability of mentorship and consultation with a RO DBT Senior Clinician
• Access to unpublished RO DBT materials for youth and families currently in development
• Two desirable office locations, South Tampa and New Tampa, each with space for group.
• Inclusion on marketing materials including digital and print
• Option of using EHR with HIPPA compliant teletherapy

Radically Open DBT Tampa, is a specialty outpatient private practice, owned and operated by Heidi Ison, LCSW, Senior RO DBT Clinician and Trainer. The vision of this practice is to provide a supportive environment to learn, practice and provide Radically Open DBT to the Tampa Bay community.

In this position, completion of intensive RO DBT training either on-line or in-person is required within the first year of contract. For further information about this opportunity, please contact Heidi Ison (813) 602-2312 or